Our Fragrance Collection...

Our Victoria Nichol Fragrance Collection is simply delightful for any home, office and even your vehicle.

Our Aromatic Spray is a delightful 4 0z of Essential oils and Essence oils. No Phthalates or VOC's.

Available Fragrances: Available in Vetiver, Fresh Grass, Cashmere Plum, Red Currant, Mahogany Teakwood, Bourbon Vanilla 

*Please do not spray on wood or plastic. When spraying in your vehicle, spray on floormats or under the seat. 

Our Fragrance Reeds are also made from Essential oils and fill the room with natural and highly fragranced aromas. 

INTRODUCING... Our mini fragrances for your purse or your car. They are convenient and are absolutely natural. They can also be used as an essential oil parfum. 


Thank you for choosing Victoria Nichol!